Raffi Ahmad & Mami Louisse pandu Flash Sale Mobil Rp1 di Shopee Live

Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse recently caused a frenzy on Shopee Live when they announced a flash sale for a car worth Rp1. The couple, who are well-known celebrities in Indonesia, attracted a huge audience on the popular e-commerce platform with their exciting offer.

The flash sale, which took place during a live broadcast on Shopee, saw Raffi and Mami Louisse showcasing a brand new car and inviting viewers to participate in a bidding war to win the vehicle for just Rp1. The atmosphere was electric as fans and shoppers eagerly tried to outbid each other for the incredible deal.

Raffi Ahmad, a popular actor and television presenter, and his wife Mami Louisse, who is also a well-known social media influencer, have a massive following in Indonesia. Their presence on Shopee Live drew in thousands of viewers, all hoping to score the amazing discount on the car.

The couple’s charisma and charm were on full display during the live broadcast, as they interacted with fans and encouraged them to participate in the bidding. The excitement and energy in the virtual room were palpable, as viewers eagerly awaited the final bid to see who would be the lucky winner of the flash sale.

The flash sale was a huge success, with the winning bid eventually coming in at just Rp1. The lucky winner walked away with a brand new car for an unbelievable price, thanks to the generosity of Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse.

Overall, the flash sale was a fun and exciting event that showcased the power of live streaming and celebrity influence on e-commerce platforms like Shopee. Raffi Ahmad and Mami Louisse’s collaboration with Shopee Live proved to be a hit with fans and shoppers alike, and we can only hope to see more exciting deals and events from the couple in the future.

By jgpiwjqpasd
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