Traveloka bawa pengalaman dunia penerbangan ceria di KidZania Jakarta

Traveloka recently brought a fun and educational experience to KidZania Jakarta with their “Dunia Penerbangan Ceria” event. This event aimed to introduce children to the world of aviation in a playful and engaging way.

KidZania Jakarta is a popular children’s edutainment center that allows kids to role-play various jobs and professions. The “Dunia Penerbangan Ceria” event was a collaboration between Traveloka and KidZania Jakarta, where children were able to experience what it’s like to work in the aviation industry.

At the event, children were able to role-play as pilots, flight attendants, and airport staff. They were given the opportunity to check in passengers, board a plane, and even fly a simulated aircraft. Through these activities, children were able to learn about the different roles and responsibilities within the aviation industry.

In addition to the role-playing activities, Traveloka also set up a booth where children could learn more about the booking process for flights and hotels. They were able to try out the Traveloka app and learn how to search for and book flights and accommodations.

Overall, the “Dunia Penerbangan Ceria” event was a fun and educational experience for children. It allowed them to learn about the aviation industry in a hands-on way and sparked their curiosity about travel and exploration.

Traveloka’s collaboration with KidZania Jakarta is just one example of their commitment to providing unique and engaging experiences for children. By introducing them to the world of aviation in a fun and interactive way, Traveloka is helping to inspire the next generation of travelers and aviation professionals.

By jgpiwjqpasd
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